A little while ago I was in prayer one day, because I was so broken inside, my life was in pieces and I felt so hopeless, rejected, alone, a failure, ugly, not-good-for-anyone-or-anything.

As I was in prayer, I had this vision, I saw my life in a form of a vase lying broken on the floor in thousand little pieces, I was on my knees, trying to gather all the pieces together with my hands, when I saw someone’s feet right in front of me.

As I look closer, I saw that the feet were those nail scared feet of Jesus, our Savior,  and as I look up I saw Him holding the vase - my life - in His hands.  This vase was so whole and OH, SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!


I knew that moment, that no matter how broken I am, when He took my life, He made it whole and He made something beautiful of my life.

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